Deke Weaver and his very interesting ideas on his very interesting 'art'... if you want to call it that. He says, and I quote, "Hybridmultidisciplinarycrossdisciplinary, interdisciplinaryblahblahblahfuckinblah. Most of my work has a narrative thread. Some of it is more ‘theatery.’ Some of it is more image-based and ‘performancey.’ I write and then I perform what I write. Sometimes I perform live, sometimes it’s on video. Sometimes there’s projected video in the performance. Some of the work has been broadcast on television and screened at video/film festivals and some of it has happened in mountain forests for tiny shivering groups of living human beings. A lot of it happens in theaters bars or living rooms. My favorite pieces are funny, horrific and sad all at the same time. Most of the time I'm solo. Sometimes I'm not. It's easier to schedule rehearsals when you're alone. But what do you care? Why am I doing this? Like, what am I trying to prove? You know what I mean?"